Custom Ramps Frequently Asked Questions

It's a pretty simple process to make your Custom Ramp. However, here are a few questions we receive:


How long does it take to make a set of ramps?

Design time can vary per project. Typically we can have your ramps to your door within 5 weeks of receiving payment, however this changes based on current demands. Complex designs can take 8 weeks or more to manufacture.


Do I design it or do you?

Customer participation is key to making a custom ramp. So the answers is really both. We bring our knowledge and skills to the table, but it is important that the Customer understand what they need and be willing to help with designs.


I don't know how to design a ramp; what should I do?

Remember the math word problems you did in school? Your job is the try to write the math problem, our job is to solve it! Just take a look at where you would put your ramps, and ask yourself, "what measurements would I need if I wanted to build a ramp?" Even if you are not sure exactly what to measure, take pictures and do rough sketches; they really help us a lot!


Are custom ramps returnable?

Custom Ramps are only returnable based upon manufacturing defect. We reserve the right to repair, refund, or exchange as we see fit. Manufacturing defects do not include improper use such as using other objects with ramp (wood etc.), excessive weight, etc.


How flexible are your designs?

We can manufacture all sorts of things! Give us a shout if you have something you think we can make for you!

For normal ramps, after 60" length, we make the ramps 14" wide. After 8' length, we make them 16" wide. This is not a manufacturing limitation, merely a policy to ensure stability.


How much do Custom Ramps cost?

There is a very wide variety of Costs. If you want something similiar to our current designs, but smaller, the cost will be relatively small.  Here are some helpful things to know to keep the cost down:

  • Keep the Ramp at 12," 14," or 16" Widths. We can do other sizes, but it requires more labor and therefore more cost.
  • Keep the Ramp under 12' long; a 12' long ramp is still a very large ramp, but even bigger requires more labor and therefore more cost.
  • We can divide our ramps into two peices for cheaper shipping and handling as well.


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