About Us

Race Ramps.com.au has been appointed by Brute Industries Inc. as the exclusive distributor of all Race Ramps products for the Australian and New Zealand markets.


The business partners of Race Ramps.com.au have more than 30 years experience in Automotive Parts retailing and in excess of 20 years participation in Motorsport in Australia.


Race Ramps.com.au aims to provide all customers with prompt, friendly, honest and efficient service in the supply of the larger range of products in the unique Race Ramps product portfolio.


Our years of experience providing products to car enthusiasts, repairers and racers will ensure we supply the right Race Ramp solution for your particular application that will enable you to load, transport, show, repair or service your vehicle safely whilst enhancing your enjoyment of that special car.


Please take the time to look over our website and familarise yourself with the details, pictures and videos of our products.


Yours Sincerely

The Team at RaceRamps.com.au